dimarts, 24 de març del 2009

Rèplica de cadira trekkie (l'Enterprise a casa teva)

Star Trek chairs for the lounge - a bridge too far?
Richard Vine
The Guardian, Tuesday 24 March 2009
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The Star Trek chair for the Trekker who has everything. Photograph: Public Domain

You've got the boxsets and you've learned Klingon ... Is there anything left for the Trekkie who wants to take their devotion up a warp factor or two? The answer's logical. Beam your very own replica of Captain Kirk's command chair into your living room.

The chair was a central part of Kirk's voyages. From its seat at the heart of the Enterprise bridge, William Shatner guided the crew through their voyages with the full authority of a man in a powerful chair.

The original chair from the 1960s series was auctioned in 2002, fetching $305,200. But thanks to the joys of the replicator (a company called Diamond Select Toys), any Trekkie can now own a little bit of Trek furniture for a mere 2,717.01 Earth dollars.

Away from the context of the Enterprise bridge (which isn't yet on offer), Kirk's command chair looks a little like the sort of hard-wearing leather seat you might find in a dentist's waiting room, though with the addition of all those buttons on the arms. Presumably they're designed for essential everyday functions such as readying the photon torpedoes, hailing passing Romulans or ordering your crew to bring you a cup of tea.

It's a pretty bold move. The final frontier of the front room has been crossed - it's going to be a very understanding partner who will find matching curtains for the ultimate in geek chic.

Plus, anyone tempted by the offer should take note of the small print: "Please note this item requires unique shipping details to arrange delivery." Maybe they really will beam it up.