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Del Lusaka Times (sembla que passa sovint, però tenen "healers" que ho arreglen en un periquete).

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Girl with miraculous male genitals recovering

* Friday, August 1, 2008, 3:00
* Rural News

A GRADE nine female pupil of a named school in Ntantumbila area of Nakonde district in Northern Province who woke up to a rude shock last week when she discovered that her private parts had turned into those of a male person, is responding well to treatment.

Mulalo MMD ward councilor Luka Simusamba told Zambia News and information Services [ZANIS] in Nakonde today that the named girl was responding well to treatment and her condition was slowly reversing.

Mr Simusamba said the girl, who had difficulties in walking, was now slowly beginning to walk normally.

“I want to confirm to you that the condition of the girl who woke up to a rude shock last week on Monday when she discovered that her private parts had turned into those of a man, is steadily responding well to treatment,” Said Simusamba.

He added that the girl is now able to walk and the pain she had is slowly diminishing.

Mr Simusamba said the girl, who is still receiving treatment from a local traditional healer in the area, would soon be going back to her parents.

He said the male organs, which the girl developed were slowly disappearing, adding that it was hoped that immediately the male organs had fully disappeared, the original female organs which miraculously disappeared would re-appear.

The civic leader also disclosed that a similar thing occurred in Ntantumbila last year, saying the victim is now normal, married and has a child.

And the victim told ZANIS at the traditional healer’s house today that she was responding well to treatment.

She said the male organs were slowly disappearing, adding that she was optimistic that her condition would fully change for the better by the week-end.

The girl discovered that her sexual organs had changed to those of a male person when she went to have a bath before going to school.

She was immediately rushed to the traditional healer where she has been receiving treatment since Monday morning last week.

The girl has maintained that she has not been seeing any married person who could be the cause of her unusual experience as some people have been speculating, adding that she still cannot understand why such a thing was happening to her.

The traditional healer treating the school girl promised to talk to the press when the girl fully recovers.

The school girl sent shocking waves in the area last week when she discovered that her private parts had miraculously turned into those of a male person.

Mr Simusamba said people of Ntantumbila and the surrounding areas were shocked with this development which he suspected to be the acts of evil spirits.

Some elderly people talked to in the area, however, said such occurrences were common, especially among people who were in the habit of having affairs with married men or women.

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