dissabte, 10 d’octubre del 2009

Ni Capone ni Dillinger

From The Times
October 10, 2009
I’m the most persecuted man in history, says Silvio Berlusconi
Lucy Bannerman in Rome

Few would doubt that it has been a bad week for Silvio Berlusconi.

The Italian Prime Minister, who on Wednesday lost the immunity from prosecution that has protected him from criminal proceedings, lamented his fate yesterday, saying that he was “absolutely the most persecuted by the judiciary in all of the history of the entire world”.

Then he followed up with a slip of the tongue. Citing the 106 investigations and trials against him over the years, and the 2,500 court hearings they entailed, he mistakenly suggested, just for a second before correcting himself, that he might have bought judicial influence. “Over the years I have spent €200 million on consultants and judges ... sorry, consultants and lawyers,” he said.

The remark elicited a ripple of laughter through the press conference. The courts, which have so badly wounded him in the past few days, have shown that there are limits to his power.