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EuroMillions syndicate winners feared redundancy

'Magnificent Seven' members feared call about lottery win would be news of redundancy. Now they've handed in their notice

A group of British IT workers who won £45 million in the Euromillions lottery celebrate their win

Lucky seven (from left): Emma Cartwright, Ceri Scullion, Sean Connor, Alex Parry, James Bennett, Donna Rhodes and John Walsh. Photograph: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty

Members of a lottery syndicate in Liverpool who each received a phone call from work on Sunday initially feared it would bear news of redundancy. Instead, the calls brought news that the group of seven IT staff had won £45,570,835.50 in a EuroMillions lottery draw.

They have inevitably acquired the moniker the Magnificent Seven, and Camelot was at pains to stress that the syndicate was always seven-strong, contradicting a tabloid report that an eighth member had dropped out.

The group, who won £6.5m each and worked for Hewlett Packard, entered the EuroMillions draw only on rollover weeks, purchasing £7.50 worth of lucky dip tickets. They also bought Irish lotto tickets.

John Walsh, a 57-year-old father of two who led the syndicate, was going to bed in the early hours of Sunday when he decided to check the lottery numbers.