dimecres, 10 de juny de 2009

Estimacions de migracions "climàtiques" per el 2050 = 700 milions (clicar titol per accedir al article)

In Search of Shelter: Mapping the Effects of Climate Change on Human Migration and Displacement

Source: CARE

Date: May 2009

This report explores how environmental shocks and stresses, especially those related to climate change, can push people to leave their homes in search of “greener pastures” … or just to survive. In order to make informed decisions, policymakers and development actors need a better understanding of the linkages between environmental change, displacement and migration.

This report, therefore, offers:
- empirical evidence from a first-time, multi-continent survey of environmental change and migration;
- original maps illustrating how, and where, the impacts of climate change may prompt significant displacement and migration;
- policy recommendations that reflect the collective thinking of key multi-lateral and research institutions, as well as nongovernmental organizations working directly with many of the world’s most vulnerable populations
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